Titles and Topics


Productive day today, looked into some different titles. Found alot of good research, emailed someone who is researching a similar idea relating to what happens to self when we experience different spatial realities. Hoping I get a reply. I think my title might be something like “How the virtual changed contemporary art” or “Exploring the virtual in contemporary art” or “The use of the virtual in contemporary art”, or Finally…. “The Impact of virtual reality on contemporary art”.
“Virtual communication and its impact on contemporary art”.

Just a few … I want to investigate this topic but am a bit over aware of the size of it. I don’t want to back myself in a corner with a topic that is too small or too large. Even the term virtual might not cover all that I want to look at. But then perhaps I need to narrow what I am looking at down too.
I have looked at structure and have some ideas for discussion points.

Artist influenced by the virtual.
Artist influenced by technology.
What Virtual is and what it is not.
How Virtual is being used as a tool and material.
How Virtual is being used to view art.
The conflicting relationship with virtual in art and the challenges of it.
Manovich’s theories about reality.
Our dependance on virtual communications.
Perception of virtual and space.
Ethics and Morality in virtual space.
The other in virtual space.
Security and Surveillance, the gaze in contemporary art (Who is looking at Who?)
The virus, the impact of the virus on our reality. Our perception of virtual viruses.
Future challenges of the virtual in art.
The impact of virtual communication on creativity.
Barthes 1: Death of the Author how Author/Reader works in the consumption of virtual reality.
Barthes 2: How the stadium changes in digital space.
What is reality?
J. Weed 2006 The act of consumption is free from any consequences, allowing the scene to entertain without exposing the consumer to risk. If the audience is participating does this change?

One thing I noticed really quickly was the importance of Grammar, Spelling, Structure and Clear large images in past dissertations. I might also make my dissertation accessible virtually.

I took apart a guardian article to see how it explored a topic. This has helped bring out some more ideas. One is a time period. I feel I might be better looking at this subject from 2000-present. assessing the way technology has been used in art.


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