Tell them you have anxiety problems, insomnia, but you aren’t depressed, almost like you have too many feelings and sometimes it makes you panic. That should get you some nice valium or something lol lol xxx

Found this statement in a conversation thread attached to this image. It has made me think about the application of real emotions, thoughts and feelings. Statements applying to these virtual worlds. In this image the statement questions how the viewer looks at the image. They look at the familiar in childhood and the complexities of a very adult response to drug taking and perceptions of self. I thought about removing the last sentance but feel that without it you don’t get the sense that it is a text message or statement made online. I am going to apply found statements like this to screen shots taken on Sims. I think Sims will work better than second life because the graphics are more childlike. It has also make me think about the authorship of these images. If I created the virtual world then am I the artist or is the computer programmer. Who is watching these. I also am thinking of creating the layout of my house in Sims along with the realities of my home. The broken things, the unclean things updating it as it happens to bridge the gap between reality and virtual.


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