The previous work made me think about this work. This artist remixes disney songs into dance music. I think it looks at why contemporary young adults are playing video games and participating in youth culture in some cases more than children. This extension of childhood in adults is an aspect to living in a fantasy virtual world. Within Second Life there are worlds which create child like fantasy. Within contemporary art these themes also emerge, comic book characters, fairytales and childrens fantasy with a perverse twist of the adult world. The way japanese manga and cartoon characters have also become part of the art world in recent years is also worth looking into.
Another point I have looked at is the idea that virtual worlds can include tasks and challenges. If real life challenges are becoming neglected to deal with virtual ones then what is the priority. The obvious choice would be reality but when virtual reality is being chosen regularly pehaps there is a reason. Why is virtually doing the washing up, creating artworks and feeding a virtual baby more important than actually doing these things. Have the virtual selves become more of a self than the real self. I would like to look at the idea of keeping my real house in check by the commands of the virtual world. When Sims tells me to talk to my husband or clean the shower then I will perform this task. Will this make my home part of the virtual world. Will I become more of a Sims character walking and talking in my own home.


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